SMF is your partner for IT consulting in Dortmund

Established over 30 years ago and with an extensive network of skilled employees and partners, we offer hundreds of person-years of experience in IT consulting, development and implementation of complex projects, both nationally and internationally. This is how our industry expertise stands out in the IT sector.

The range of services we render is aimed at medium-sized companies and large corporations. We can advise you in the individual development of specialized software for your business; or stand by you in the implementation and maintenance of standard products. Our service portfolio is rounded off by the development and integration of mobile applications.

Our services are rendered to large corporations such as BP Europe SE, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and the SIGNAL IDUNA Mutual; as well as small and medium enterprises, for example, the private bank Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. AG & Co. KGaA. This mutual trust is the basis for successful cooperation for us.

SMF Team 2016

The SMF-team is at your service!

Team SMF’s creativity is impossible without individualism. This means: having to develop unique ideas, getting off the beaten track and bringing in impulses and results in a team of like-minded people – for solutions that benefit our customers. Each and every employee contributes in-depth knowledge, capability and commitment to the company’s success. Together we are the SMF team at your service!

SMF‘s team develops solutions which exceed the customer’s expectations

Whether permanent staff, freelancers or external consultants: open spaces and autonomous action help create new ideas and innovative solutions. This process is supported by the continuous, personal dialogue with executives and management.

Im Team von SMF entwickeln wir Lösungen, die den Kunden zufrieden stellen

Since establishment owner-managed

Since its foundation in 1985, SMF GmbH & Co. KG has been owner-managed and is run by the management team of Thomas Engels, Wieland Feuerstein, Christoph Laarmann, Henrike Simbach and Engelbert Turczyk.

The basis of the cooperation at SMF is a modern corporate culture with a cooperative management style, in which the abilities of the individual are recognised and their development made possible.

Even better – with the right network of partners!

At SMF, we are equipped with our extensive in-house expertise for customer inquiries. However, we are not experts in any field. Therefore, still to be able to offer the best solution to your customer requests, we have established partnerships with international businesses, which help expand our range of expertise.

We thus combine the capabilities of different companies in order to create a customized offer for you. What is in it for you? You will receive the best-combined solution from a single source!

We act sustainable and responsible.

We conduct our business sustainably and responsibly. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the social responsibility of companies, is accountable entrepreneurial action, which goes beyond the actual business activity and addresses all stakeholders.

At SMF, we make sure that our company policy is sustainable and responsible in the long run. Our corporate objective is the long-term safeguarding of the company’s stock and financial independence. In doing so, we assume responsibility for the people, the investors and customers as well as the public.

A development is sustainable for us if it is oriented towards and addresses the current needs while at the same time ensuring that future needs are met.

Projects we support

Diversity Charter

SMF is Dortmund’s first signatory to the Diversity Charter. The Charter is a corporate initiative to promote diversity in enterprises. It seeks to promote the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in corporate culture in Germany. More than 500 companies and public institutions have already joined the initiative under the auspices of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The earth’s natural habitats are being destroyed at an unprecedented speed. If the consumption of natural resources continues as it has been, we will need two planets by the year 2050 to meet our needs for food, energy and infrastructure. Nature conservation is a matter for all of us – that is why we have been supporting the WWF, with its dedicated and valuable work, since 1992.

Technik begeistert e.V./World Robot Olympiad

The association “TECHNIK BGEISTERT” eV (Technology Inspired, a Registered Association) organizes the German World Robot Olympiad (WRO) where we participate in our capacity as partner. At the Olympics, young people compete in teams with self-made robots in different categories. It is an international educational program that helps young people to access science subjects and motivates them to work in the MINT field.

Maltese Child and Youth Hospice Services

We support Dortmund’s Maltese Child and Youth Hospice Services (Malteser Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst). This organization helps children and adolescents who find themselves, alongside their families, in extremely painful situations as a result of terminal illness of either themselves or relatives. They are supported by the Maltese sense of sensitivity and commitment.

The SMF story begins in 1985

In 1985, the IT world still looked like this: emails were called letters and cost 50 Pfennig, typing was done on electric typewriters and phones were not mobile. It was at this time that three young computer scientists decided to venture into entrepreneurial grounds. Diethard Feuerstein, together with his wife Angela Feuerstein and brother-in-law Walter Müller founded their own company, today it is the SMF GmbH & Co. KG.

The SMF history is marked by milestones which demonstrate how a successful IT company grew from the first “headquarters” in the converted loft.

Since being founded, the company has had more than three decades on the market; and it shall continue to remain in family hands with Henrike and Wieland Feuerstein in the next generation, and will continue to follow the corporate motto “be aware of the existing, dominate the current and plan for the future”.

Shareholder of SMF

Diethard Feuerstein, Angela Feuerstein, Wieland Feuerstein, Henrike Simbach, Thomas Engels

  • 1985

    Diethard Feuerstein, Angela Feuerstein and Walter Müller found System Consulting Müller & Feuerstein SMF. The focus is on marketing of services in the fields of system administration, data center automation and mainframe software development.

  • 1990

    Thomas Engels replaced Walter Müller as managing partner.

  • 1995

    Restructuring and change of legal form of “Systems Consulting Müller & Feuerstein SMF KG.

  • 2004

    Focus on banking, insurance, retail and manufacturing industries

  • 2011

    Reaching more than 100 employees who work for the company.

  • 2012

    SMF und merkarion acquire property and built twin office buildings in PHOENIX West.

  • 2015

    SMF celebrates its 30th anniversary and changes its legal form to SMF GmbH & Co. KG.

  • 2020

    Change in SMF management structure: Diethard Feuerstein resigns as Managing Director. New members of the management are Henrike Simbach, Wieland Feuerstein, Christoph Laarmann and Engelbert Turczyk.