Our expertise for your success

Six deeply-rooted performance areas consisting of experience, knowledge and ability, provide our expertise in the field of IT services and are the basis of our work. Over the past three decades, our sales and consulting network has optimized these performance areas so as guide customer projects to the agreed target.

For successful project management: SMF

Where project management is concerned, we combine our core competencies and offer cross-sector in-depth knowledge for the successful completion of IT projects.

SMF offers a professional team of project managers – from junior to senior. Thus we are able to incorporate the corresponding experience level depending on the requirements and complexity of your specific project.


years of


currently active


at work

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SMF‘s PMO service: Raise your project organization to the next level!

In addition to our project management expertise, we offer a flexible and reliable PMO service with nearshoring possibilities. A firmly anchored PMO van for example provides for a uniform and consistent reporting, thus improving the decision-making base for portfolio management.

Further advantages of a Project Management Office


A PMO as a “center-of-excellence” defines processes, sets standards and trains internal project managers.


Optimized resource management makes it clear who is working in which projects and gives the organization stability in the delivery of project items.


A PMO promotes internal communication in the project organization, thus increasing the probability of success of all projects and programs.

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Optimize customer relationships with Loyalty

Customer Experience Management and Loyalty programs have become a significant factor for success and play an increasingly important role in strategic planning for enterprises.

Companies want to know their customers, rely on them, promote high-volume bonding, induce internal improvements and cost reductions, as well as collect and interpret data – keyword “Big Data/Smart Data”.

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SAP Consulting and SAP Development

The SAP-team of SMF is a creative and innovative team eager to take on new challenges. Our expertise consists partially of the appropriate SAP consultancy focused on retail and partially the implementation and expansion of complex ideas and adaptations of existing solutions.

Many years of experience in SAP consulting and SAP development

We offer many years of experience in ABAP development. As a result of the ongoing development of our employees, we are able to render the following range of services in SAP consulting.

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Software development tailored to your needs

Whether you are looking for a tailor-made solution for your requirements and needs, or if any of your existing products should be optimized: We will help you in the software development.

Customized needs? We can help!

 SMF has long- standing customers in the field of Customised Software Developments.

We have always developed according to current standards and methods such as Scrum

  • Over 9,000 lines of code

    is what our developers write per month.

  • 18 different programming languages

    is what we used last year.

  • 32 weeks

    is what our software projects last on average.

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Pricing-Projects Experts: SMF

With more than 30 years in consultancy and long years of experience in the oil industry, we have extensive expertise in B2C pricing. The German fuel market is highly volatile and fuel prices change every minute therefore our expert pricing projects offer you numerous advantages. This means that market observations can only be operated with considerable effort.

Market monitoring is a walk in the park with Pricing

Collection and provision of fuel prices for all petrol stations in the European market including, Germany, Austria, Spain and more.

We offer real-time data processing in fuel prices, in Germany alone about 14,000 service stations.

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Design and development of portals ensure your success

The construction and development of portals are an important factor for communication and process mapping, within business enterprises, to ensure their success. Provide your users with the ability, regardless of location to disseminate information, edit and share.

Portals offer clear advantages for businesses


with other applications via different interfaces with the aim of a central portal.


With real benefits for you and integration of processes which cannot be SAP-operated by default (i.e. accounts).


we offer design, implementation and operation of the portal.

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