SMF is a Pricing-Expert

With more than 30 years of consulting experience and many years of experience in data processing & integration, we have extensive knowledge in the area of B2C pricing. Pricing projects, with us as experts, provide you with numerous advantages. An example is the German fuel market. The highly volatile fuel prices change within minute intervals. With us as a service provider, even large amounts of data can be processed and market observations automated.


From competitive price monitoring to pricing, we support our customers in the design of architecture, data supply, data processing and data mining until a reliable operation is enabled. For the price decision, it is essentially important that any change in the Master Data be transferred to the Pricing Tool. Therefore, the so-called Integration Tool must be at the center of the performance. The source data are loaded into the Pricing System, evaluated qualitatively and validated, correlated according to fields and converted for processing. Thus, a smooth end-2-end data exchange between systems and/ or applications is ensured. We also develop pioneering Pricing Projects, such as the current consolidation of all SAP systems into a worldwide central SAP system. In this, systematic mapping and transformation logic of the master data for each country are adjusted. The challenge is to carry out the integration with minimal effort in both the Pricing System and at gas stations.

Our services

  • Monitoring and systematic recording

    Recording and provision of fuel prices for all petrol stations in the European market (including Germany, Spain, Portugal, etc.)

  • Processing

    Real-time data processing of fuel prices (in Germany alone of approx. 14,000 petrol stations)

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server, Analysis and Reporting Services

  • Analyse & Trends

    Data analysis and reporting for past developments and future scenarios

  • Tool for Transfer & Mapping

    A very simple and efficient tool for data transfer as well as mapping (file systems, web services, databases or software APIs as well as all format conversions with respect to the interfaces)

  • Expert Consultancy

    Advice on pricing process analysis and application analysis as well as the optimization of competitive reaction times

  • Software operations

    Support for the use and operation of pricing software

  • System operations

    Support for the use and operation of pricing systems (e.g. PriceNet / Calibration)

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