Software development for your requirements and needs

Whether you are looking for a tailor-made solution for your requirements and needs, or if any of your existing products should be optimized: We will help you in the software development.

Do you have requirements that go above and beyond? Then talk to us. Our software developers are eager to take into account individual circumstances.

Two modest examples of the company’s specialized software are the network-management-software solutions FM-BASE (documentation and planning) and FM LEISYS (line legal database). They support a large utility company in the planning and maintenance of its networks.

Example Transmission Line Management

We have developed the resource information system FM-Base especially to serve the needs of our customer, a leading German service and system supplier for energy infrastructure. This tool helps utilities in operation, management and maintenance of high-voltage transmission lines and cables. It forms the high-voltage networks, starting from lines, tension fields and posts and to bills of components. Another product (FM LEISYS) used for documentation of ownership-based-easements, land registry data. In this case, the power company can document and manage the land registry official rights. It supports processes such as rights transfers, parcel changes (rename, division, association), but also the realignment (acquisition of new land, property and right-of-ways).

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