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SAP forms are widely used. They exist in many business processes and are an essential part of them. Once created, they are called up automatically and are rarely adapted.

SAP Form Scan: Detect obsolete forms and convert them for the future

However, the design requirements for forms in particular have changed; SAPscript and Smartforms are limited in their visual design options. This shortcoming can be remedied with Adobe Forms: more graphic formats can be displayed, OpenType fonts are possible, multimedia content can be integrated and much more. The result is a better external presentation.

So why do many companies delay the decision to change forms? The answer is simple: Most of the time, there is no overview of the amount of existing forms and a changeover seems very time-consuming and complex.

The solution: SAP Form Scan from SMF

With our SAP Form Scan, you can quickly see at a glance which of your forms are no longer visually up-to-date and how time-consuming it is to adapt them. These can then be converted into Adobe Forms in a future-proof manner. In the same step, forms that are no longer used can be sorted out.

Using a worklist, you can plan the technological changeover of the forms system according to your priorities and time requirements and implement it step by step.

You lack the time and manpower to implement it? Our experienced team of forms experts can also professionally transform your forms into SAP Forms by Adobe.

Success and advantages for the customer

Success and advantages for the customer

Recognising outdated forms and converting them for the future

One scan – all details – and a smart worklist

SAP Form Scan identifies and evaluates your forms landscape. With just one click, all SAP forms are scanned.

Using a worklist, these can be transformed according to your own priorities. You simply sort out forms that are no longer used.

Our video on the SAP Form Scan after the click.

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